We’re bringing people together to protect our planet’s endangered species and natural zones by creating shared value between social entertainment and real-world impact.

Wildchain is a crypto-collectible game on the blockchain where every unique token represents a real endangered animal living in the wild. Each token is a digital-world champion for their species, helping to build awareness, create engagement, and raise funds for their real-life counterparts. The tokens are collectible, tradable, and playable in various games (mobile, AR, VR).

Users are passively contributing to conservation & reforestation projects solely by participating in this entertainment ecosystem. Users may also actively allocate where their donations go on a fully transparent Kickstarter-like platform which will give visibility into the impact they have created. This is Pokemon Go and CryptoKitties meets Ready Player One and Animal Planet. It’s a real wild-life changing game!

Beyond online gaming, there will be real-world unlockables, challenges, leaderboards, awards, and competitions to empower and mobilize our community of changemakers. We’re enabling adoption and engagement for everyone to help protect the Earth’s species.